Adblock Creative Manager

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Flexible content manager for your adblock traffic.

Stats Dashboard

Basic performance data on your dashboard helps you determine which creatives are better suited to your website's audience.

Watch your adblock usage and engagement over time as well as per creative. We also supply basic browser, os and country stats as well as a reports view with pdf and excel export options.

Simple and Flexible

Simple and effective system designed to test different methods on how to best convert adblock traffic for a specific website or niche.

Manage multiple simple creative types like images or html blocks.

Serve your creatives from your own domains.

Google Analytics Integration

Get the full reporting power and realtime activity monitor of Google Analytics by also sending relevant events to your account.

Most adblocking plugins and lists are now also blocking your analytics javascript so sends Analytics events through our server so you can still use Google Analytics to track your performance.

Country and browser language detection

Engage visitors in their native language by using ip and/or browser language detection.


Simple sub-account feature to add extra users with stats only access or full administrator privileges.

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